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TOTO History
TOTO Ltd. was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of ceramic sanitary wares and plumbing hardware. Before long, TOTO Ltd. grew to become Japan’s industrial leader in sanitary and plumbing related products. And now in the 21st century, TOTO Ltd., with it's expanded corporate vision is poised to move forward and provide products as well as services to improve the cleanliness, comfort and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces. TOTO Ltd. is also a company that is devoted to enhancing our lifestyle while preserving the purity of our environment.

TOTO is the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer. We offer a complete line of commercial and decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, shower and flush valves, as well as lavatories, toilets, Air Baths and urinals. More than 1,500 TOTO engineers and their colleagues are committed to achieving the seamless integration of performance, conservation, technology, and innovation.

For over 90 years, we have been producing superbly designed, high performance lifestyle enhancing plumbing products for residential bathrooms and commercial restrooms. While we understand our customers want products that have great design, we concentrate on creating a more enjoyable bathroom experience through products that infuse sophisticated style with substance, optimize water conservation and provide consistent, exceptional performance.

For example, TOTO embraced water and energy conservation years before government mandates. Through our constantly evolving manufacturing practices and advanced technology, we consistently lead the way in plumbing fixture efficiency and sustainability. Advanced innovations such as our EcoPower® fittings and valves, and our highly active participation in and support of the United States Green Build Council (USGBC), have made TOTO a world leader in plumbing products that have helped to advance society and help protect its future at the same time.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Morrow, Georgia is a testament to conservation and quality control. For example, we recycle the water we use as well as thoroughly treating it before returning it to the county. From our molding process to the final changes, our products are constructed and fine-tuned with computer precision and relentless attention to detail. Our pursuit of excellence pushes us beyond industry standards and drives us to maintain our reputation as one of the most decorated plumbing manufacturers in the world.

After nearly a century of experience, we are committed to maintaining the perfect balance of form, function and design. TOTO is Luxury in Balance.

Our Mission

TOTO’s mission is to enhance humanity’s relationship with water. We strive to make your life bette r by cultivating a culture of comfort and enrichment. We do this with innovative products an d designs that provide a seamless user experience. TOTO's products integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle, no matter what your size, shape or abilities. We focus on flexibility, comfort and reli ability while delivering a user experience that is second to none—whether using a TOT O toilet, faucet, shower, sink or bath tub. 








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TOTO SW420JP/420-8
For best price  please call : 0267-400377 Sumber: Toto SW420JP/420-8only R..
Lihat deskripsi
T60 Urinal Flush Valve Tersedia: Toto T60P urinal flush valve u/57 Rp 873.000,- Toto T..
Lihat deskripsi
TOTO T53DS screw & caps white
T53DS Screws & Caps Harga Netto For Best price Please Call : 0267 400377 Sumbe..
Rp 20.000
TOTO TH633-3  dodol closet
Toto TH633-3 Rubber Seal/Dodol Closet P-Seal Harga Belum Discount For Best price Pleas..
Rp 35.000
TOTO TH418-X karet monoblok
Toto TH418-X Karet Monoblok Harga Netto For Best price Please Call : 0267 400377 Sumbe..
Rp 44.000
TOTO TH416R-X karet monoblock
Toto TH416R-X Karet Monoblok Harga Netto For Best price Please Call : 0267 400377 Sumb..
Rp 45.000
TOTO TX263SV1  stop kran
Toto TX263SV1 Stop Kran Harga Belum Discount For Best price Please Call : 0267 400377 ..
Rp 144.000
TOTO TU37D screw u/370
For best price please call:0267-400377 ..
Rp 172.000
TOTO stop valve with flexible hose
for best price please call: (0267)400377 Sumber : ..
Rp 174.000
TOTO T62-16 inlet spud for u57
Disc. Up to 30% For best price please call: 0267-400377 ..
Rp 204.000
THX20NB#PIV Shower Spray ( Pastel Ivory ) Harga Belum Discount For Best price Please ..
Rp 228.000
TOTO THX20NBN5 jet shower black
THX20NB#N5 Shower Spray ( Black ) Harga Belum Discount For Best price Please Call : 0..
Rp 228.000
TOTO T6JV4   wastafel & plug
Disc. Up to 30% For best price please call;0267-400377 Sumber; ..
Rp 256.000
TOTO THX17B hand shower set ivory,white
THX17B Hand Shower Set Disc. Up to 30% For Best price Please Call : 0267 400377 ..
Rp 257.000
TOTO T6JV2N one push pop up wastafel
Tersedia; Disc. Up to 30% For best price please call:0267-400377 ..
Rp 260.000
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